Why hello there! We're glad you're here!

Anthro MC, or Anthro Minecraft is a LGBTQ+ furry Minecraft server.

We are currently running 1.12.2, but will be switching soon! We strive to accept everyone and bring them in our community!
Wether you are bi,straight,transgender,gay,pansexual, or anything else, you will love our massive community of friendly fellow furries!
So what are you waiting for? Register above and join the server! play.furryminecraft.com

Oh! We also have a discord server too! You can even log in/register here with your discord account! Join it here

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  1. Myth

    Website draft

    I FINALLY FINISHED THE DRAFT WEBSITE Took long enough,right? Anywho, this version of the website is only a draft. Things may be incorrect or buggy. Additionally, permissions might be out of whack too. I think I included enough forums but I'm not sure. Use the suggestions forums to make...